"I have made you beautiful in My sight.
The song of war you’re looking for is a lullaby.
So come in close, lean on Me.
I ‘m singing softly, but it’ll chase away the darkness, it’ll chase away your fears.
So lean into Me.
I have made you worthy through My Son.
Your purity is from His Blood.
So lean in closer.
I’m rewriting your history.
It’s a song of war, but it’s a lullaby.
Because you’ll never have to step outside of love." (11:40)

Kom ihåg mig?
Hej! Jag är en tjej på 18 år som älskar Jesus och vill se hans rike spridas i Sverige! Jag skriver om min tro,lovsång och annat som snurrar i mina tankar! Blessings!

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